Devfolio Thumbnails

Devfolio is my dynamic portfolio showcasing web development projects, skills, and insights. Built with Next.js for optimal search engine visibility and performance, it features engaging GSAP animations, smooth Lenis Scroll navigation, and seamless content management with Contentful. From project highlights to blog posts, Devfolio offers an interactive and informative experience.

Key Features

  1. Optimized for Discovery:

    Next.js ensures exceptional SEO and fast loading times, maximizing the chances of my work being found by potential employers and collaborators.

  2. Elevated User Experience:

    GSAP-powered animations and the fluid navigation of Lenis Scroll create a memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors.

  3. Streamlined Content Updates:

    Integration with Contentful CMS allows me to easily add new projects, update existing content, and keep my portfolio fresh.

  4. Focus on the User:

    The combination of dynamic elements, smooth navigation, and a clean design prioritizes both engaging and accessible user interactions.