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Fitcel is a collaborative effort, a mobile application designed to tackle the unhealthy lifestyle trend post-Covid-19. Developed by a team of four, the app provides users with exclusive access to their favorite celebrity's health plans, including workout routines and diet plans.

Key Features:

  1. Celebrity Health Plans:

    Get exclusive diet plans and workout plans designed by your favorite celebrities. These plans will inspire and motivate you towards improving your overall health and fitness.

  2. Personalized Fitness Plans:

    Customize your fitness plans based on your individual needs, preferences, and goals.

  3. Firebase Authentication:

    Secure user registration and login through Firebase Authentication ensures your data is safeguarded.

  4. Google Fit Integration:

    With Google Fit integration, the app can access fitness tracking data and synchronize it within the application.

  5. User-centric Experience:

    The app's user interface and overall design prioritize a user-centric approach.

Overall, the app is great for anyone who wants to live a healthier life after Covid-19.