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Safeher is a mobile application designed to ensure the safety and well-being of female college students within the campus environment. It offers a range of features aimed at preventing and responding to safety incidents, promoting community involvement, and providing real-time assistance.

Key Features

  1. Incident Reporting:

    Female students can report safety incidents, such as harassment or emergencies, using the SOS button on the app. When an incident is reported, the app collects incident details and the user's real-time location.

  2. Emergency Contacts:

    Users can add up to five trusted friends or teachers as emergency contacts within the app. When an incident is reported, selected emergency contacts receive instant notifications.

  3. Real-Time Location Sharing:

    The app shares the user's real-time location with emergency contacts, ensuring a swift response in case of an emergency.

  4. Community Chat:

    For each reported incident, the app creates an incident-specific chat room. Students can join the chat to provide support, share information, and offer assistance to those affected.

  5. High-Risk Area Awareness:

    The app utilizes incident data to identify and highlight campus areas with security concerns. A map feature shows high-risk areas, raising awareness among users.

  6. FAQ Chatbot:

    The app includes a chatbot that answers frequently asked questions related to safety. Users can quickly access information and guidance on various safety topics.