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An E-Commerce website built using the popular JavaScript library React.js and Commerce.js, which provides powerful tools for managing products, inventory, and orders. The user interface of the website follows a minimalistic design approach and is implemented using Google's Material UI, ensuring a clean and intuitive user experience.

Key Features

  1. Product Management:

    The website allows users to browse and view product details, enabling them to add desired items to their shopping cart.

  2. Shopping Cart Functionality:

    Users can add products to their cart, review the items in the cart, and update quantities as needed.

  3. Secure Payment Gateway:

    The project integrates the payment gateway to facilitate secure and seamless transactions.

  4. React Router:

    The usage of React Router enables smooth and efficient navigation throughout the website, allowing users to explore various pages effortlessly.

  5. Form Handling:

    React Hook Form is employed to manage and validate user input in forms, ensuring a smooth and error-free checkout process.

Overall, the project showcases a feature-rich and well-structured E-Commerce platform that enables users to explore, purchase, and manage products with ease.